Teatoxing your way to weight loss?

There’s a health trend that promises you’ll shed kilos within weeks by drinking nothing but cups of tea. What’s there to lose?

A lot more than a few kilograms, it seems.

“Teatoxing” is a weight loss craze with advertised benefits including increased energy levels, healthy skin and the ability to drop a dress size in record time.

SkinnyMe Tea is one of numerous brands supplying Instagram-famous weight loss tea. The Melbourne-based online business describes itself as a ‘100 per cent natural health supplements company’.


The “specially blended” teas are sold online and accompanied by eating and exercise plans, but customers could unknowingly be doing more harm to their health than good.

SkinnyMe Tea’s “colon cleanse” tea has generated the most concern, containing a laxative called senna.

Katherine Baqleh, an Accredited Practicing Dietitian from Health Victory Nutrition Experts, told upstart magazine that prolonged laxative use could cause extreme stomach pain, diarrhea, cramps and electrolyte imbalances.

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