Healthy Recipes

With a wealth of recipes readily accessible online, our reliance on hard copy recipe cookbooks has significantly dropped.

However, with this change comes exposure to a lot of online nutrition marketing materials and self-proclaimed health gurus promoting their latest diet fads through their “healthy recipes”.

Often asked for recipes by clients, family and friends, I decided that it was important to have a directory of useful websites with healthy recipes that not only promote nutrition and food variety, but are free from non-evidence-based (and often misleading) nutrition claims.

My top 3 recipe websites are:

 - Australian Diabetes Council : These recipes are not only for people with diabetes, but for everyone looking for quick and nutritious meal ideas. Recipes are divided into meal categories and there is the option of selecting specific food requirements, such as gluten free, high fibre or iron rich.

- Glycemic Index Foundation :  This website offers an extensive variety of low GI recipes, including salads, side dishes, desserts and snacks.

- Australian Healthy Food Guide : One of my favourite one-stop websites. You can search through your fridge or pantry for ingredients that you have on hand already and just type these into the search box, or you can search for a recipe depending on what food you feel like, such as dinners with fish or chicken.

healthy recipes

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