Is quick, cheap food killing us?

Is quick, cheap food killing us?

The rise of cheap fast food means that dinner has never been more convenient – but the cost to Aussie families is proving significant. What’s behind this hunger for quick and easy meals, and what is it doing to our health?

quick cheap food

It’s official. Australia is now ranked as one of the most obese nations in the developed world. Almost two in three Australian adults and one in four kids are overweight or obese. With some of the most abundant access to fresh food in the world, we’re still choosing quick and cheap over healthy. But what’s driving us into the greasy processed arms of our fast food options?

Good intentions vs. our lifestyle

Our increasing girths may weigh heavy on the minds of many, but the balance between healthy eating, convenience and budget is still a very real struggle for many of us.

Katherine Baqleh, Accredited Practising Dietitian at Health Victory Nutrition Experts, says while the statistics may be alarming, there’s a bigger story at play here.

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