Contact us to organise a 1-on-1 appointment, enquire about presentations, seminars or workshops, supermarket tours, nutrition consultancy and for all media enquiries. If we miss your call, we will return it within 24hour. As emails do sometimes disappear, please contact 0490 060 814 if you do not hear from us in 24h.

Use the form below to specify time and day availabilities, and a brief message, and our dietitian will contact you to confirm your appointment time or organise a meeting. Alternatively, you can use the form to register your interest in a group event.

To serve you better, appointments can be held during and after business hours.

During your initial consultation, a detailed nutritional assessment will be made, where we will discuss your relevant medical and family history, medication/supplement usage, weight and food history, and your personal goals. From the information gathered, we will provide specific dietary advice, provide meal suggestions,  and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Follow up consultations are encouraged, usually 2-4 weeks later in order to monitor progress, maintain motivation, and to provide ongoing practical nutritional advice and support.

Prior to your initial appointment, it is recommended that you complete a 3 day food and beverage diary. This form is available to download: FOOD, drink and mood diary

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